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Rigel Life Sciences was first established in Italy in 2008 following a successful project in monitoring contamination within controlled environments, merging three different expertise arising from Ascotec (CLiMET dealer for over 15 years), from CTP System (a historical primary validation and consulting GMP Company) and the National Research Council (CNR), which is the largest public Italian research institution.

This prior knowledge and proficiency has enabled Rigel Life Sciences through the years to continuously design, develop and deliver innovative technical solutions to customers within the contamination control industry.

Rigel Life Sciences has built and maintained a growing reputation of excellence within the market and provides quality products and services to leading corporations and institutions where full compliance is vital.

Rigel Life Sciences’ instruments cover many aspects of contamination control: microbiological sampling devices in low-contamination environments, a full range of instruments for the aerosol generation and integrity testing of HEPA and ULPA absolute filters, smoke generators for airflow visualization and control.

Rigel Life Sciences is proud to be an exclusive dealer for CLiMET Instruments Company. CLiMET is a global leader in the field of monitoring and are focused on providing the highest quality equipment in order to eliminate or mitigate deviation reports and investigations caused by interval calibration failures; striving to provide users with the highest accuracy and stability of measurement as well as a long product life cycle and lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Rigel Life Sciences has also developed many state-of-the-art continuous particle and microbiological monitoring systems solutions that are suitable for clean rooms, isolators and aseptic environments. These pioneering solutions have become the hallmark of Rigel Life Sciences.

Rigel Life Sciences’ instruments and systems are suitable for both pharmaceutical, healthcare, defense and aerospace industry. Rigel’s key customers include pharmaceutical multinationals, health facilities of excellence, space agencies.

Rigel Life Sciences operates directly or through subsidiaries and qualified partners in: