Microbial Sampler


Portable Microbial Sampler with built-in Label Printer

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Microbial Sampler


The CI-90A has a stainless steel enclosure with an built-in thermal label printer. It is an active air microbial sampler used in either sequential or continuous monitoring applications in aseptic areas.

The CI-90A is able to accommodate either industry standard 90 mm petri dishes, or RODAC plates; and is available in either 25 LPM, 1 CFM, or 100 LPM flow rates. The lower flow rates of 25 LPM or 1 CFM are recommended for continuous monitoring applications. Testing has confirmed that up to 3 hours (possibly longer) of continuous sampling with a custom agar fill of 40mL in a 90 mm petri dish is possible. Independent validation is recommended.

The Climet CI-9xA Series of microbial samplers are designed and built with the same ruggedness that users have come to expect from Climet particle counters. They are the only pharmaceutical grade microbial air sampler that meets and exceeds all requirements AND recommendations of ISO 14698, as well as augmented by some requirements in ISO 21501-4.

Experts in industrial instrumentation manufacturing, every new Climet instrument design is “drop and vibration” tested. This ensures that end users can expect up to a decade (and beyond) of reliable operation. This level of ruggedized testing is unique among other manufacturers, and ensures accidents don’t turn into capital appropriation requests or expensive repair bills. 

The CI-9xA series of portable microbial samplers is VHP compatible.

Microbial Sampler


Technical specifications

Sample Flow Rate: 25 LPM, 1CFM, 100 LPM (0.1 cubic meter per minute, or 3.53 cubic feet per minute)
Flow Rate Control: Electronic, automatic closed loop
Cleaning: Compatible with common cleaning and sterilization procedures, including VHP.
Flow Rate Audible Alarm: Internal audible alarm, +/-10% of 100 LPM Flow Rate
Data Interface: RS-232 for use with IDLoader SoGware
Display: 4×20 character LCD
Printer: Thermal Label Printer for traceability (Location ID, User ID, time, date, etc.)
Programming & Memory
Unit ID: User Selectable; 6 characters long
User ID: Up to 10 users, 9 characters long
Location ID: Up to 100; 15 characters
Security: Prevents changes to settings, or stopping a sample in progress.
Included Accessories and Features
Internal thermal label printer, internal battery charger, battery, stainless steel locking collar, sample head, two rolls of adhesive labels, IQ/OQ Procedures, manual, and IDLoader Software included. High pressure diffusers, remote sample heads, tubing, validation documentation, and other accessories sold separately.
Electrical AC and battery supported
Battery: 9.6 VDC, 7.6 Amp Hours
Battery Operation (typical) : 7 hours with continuous sampling
Battery Recharge time: 2.0-2.5 hours (built-in charger)
Wall Power: Universal 100-240 VAC Input
Dimensions & Weight
7.5”(H) x 8.1” (W) x 9.9” (L) ( 19.05 cm x 20.574 cm x 25.146 cm )
CI-90A with aluminum sample head, weight with battery is 10.5 lbs. (4.76 Kg)
CI-90A with stainless steel sample head, weight with battery is 12 lbs. (5.44Kg)
Operating temperature: 0-36⁰C, 32-97⁰F 0-90% relative humidity, non-condensing

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