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Rigel Announces Appointment of Diego Bompadre as Director of Sales and EMS

Company’s business strategy continues towards international expansion

Rigel Life Sciences, a highly specialized company in offering solutions for contamination control and services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare industries, announced today that it has appointed Diego Bompadre as the Company’s Director of Sales and Environmental Monitoring Systems.

With over 20 years of relevant experience in clean rooms and controlled environments in aseptic pharmaceutical applications, Mr. Diego Bompadre has worked alongside companies with advanced continuous environmental monitoring systems such as viable, total particle and microclimatic conditions.

He joined Rigel Life Sciences shortly after its founding in 2008 and has since successfully built strong end customers relationships, working closely with them during the internal investigation and inspection stages by the global regulatory authority, assisting them in the development of compliant and cost-effective contamination control programs, thanks to a deep experience in trend analysis provided by the process monitoring system. He actively participated in the development and launch of the innovative IEMS Next monitoring system currently in the patent phase. Mr. Diego Bompadre is also an active member of the PDA Italy Chapter and an ISPE affiliate.