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Press Releases

Rigel Announces Completion of Fai Instruments and Inoki Acquisition

Rigel S.p.a. is proud to announce that the purchase of the companies Fai Instruments S.r.l. and Inoki S.r.l. has been finalized today.

The notarial deed was signed over Notary Borea’s office in Pistoia by Mr. Antonio Rachini, acting as Rigel’s managing director, by Mr. Antonio Imperatore, acting as Fai Instruments’ and Inoki’s founder, and Mr. Fabrizio Felippone acting as Ceo of Project Automation the minority share-holder in Fai Instruments.

Rigel, since it started in 2008, is a contamination control specialist in controlled environments successfully operating its brands Rigel Life Sciences and Rigel Process & Lab in many fields, especially within the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and space agencies.

Rigel, in order to expand and consolidate its business, since 2018, controls Jointech S.r.l., an engineering company producing supervision and automation industrial systems. Furthermore, since 2019, controls Orion S.A.s, a subsidiary company operating in the francophone market.

Fai Instruments and Inoki acquisition is therefore part of a wide business strategy with the aim to strengthen Rigel’s leading position in the market.

In fact by purchasing Fai Instruments Rigel will be able to expand its business in the air pollution control industry, whilst by acquiring Inoki – a commercial brokerage company – Rigel will be able to forge a direct partnership with some of the most important production equipment manufacturers.

The strong synergies among the parts both in skills and in products offer are the most evident value this business transaction will allow, beyond any commercial advantage.